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We Provide Value For Our Clients by Exceeding Their Expectations!

Our Company

Our story begins in 2010 with the joining of forces of our founders. All three had extensive experience in Contact Center operations, management and administration. Their combined experience and vision brought forth a new way of doing business. The Get More! model ensures client success by over-staffing accounts by up to 10% so clients will always get more than they pay for.  In addition, EMAYA  seeks to establish  a partnership for growth by including clients in all aspects of the services they are receiving. We spare no resource when it comes to ensuring our client’s success. We strive to provide the best tools, facilities and quality peers to ensure that we have the best quality product.  We see ourselves as a partner not as a provider, the difference is ownership of the results. Our success rests in making our clients succeed, their growth is our growth.


Farid Avash, President, Co-Founder

Farid drives EMAYA's strategic vision, manages investor relations and leads our community outreach program. Before EMAYA, Farid co-founded several other start-ups including Outsourcing Services International and AB Imports.

Saied Avash, Vice President, Finance and Operations, Co-Founder

Saied leads the daily operations at EMAYA, including finance, workforce management and our fulfillment teams. His focus is on driving our strategy and operating model for world-class delivery. Before EMAYA, Saied worked as Executive Director of Finance and Operations at Outsourcing Services International.

Jorge Santivanez, Vice President, Biz Dev, Co-Founder

Jorge leads a team of talented sales executives and strategic business consultants. Before EMAYA, Jorge worked as the Senior Vice President of Sales for Transactel and has over 20 years of experience working in the Contact Center industry.

Adriana Garcia, Director of Client Success

Adriana heads or Client Relations team and is responsible for deploying resources as determined by our SLA's. Before EMAYA, Adriana worked for several years managing Customer Service teams for Sykes, working primarily with Hotels.com.

Our Agents

Our agents are an extension of our clients’ business. They identify with our clients, at times more so than with EMAYA. Caring more about our customer’s success is a tremendous asset and it shows in their work. All of our staff are highly skilled, college educated and have mastered at least one foreign language, they aspire to be professionals and to grow by fostering your success.  They are dedicated to your business and you’ll soon start to consider them as one of your own.  

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