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How We Work With You.

Let's Talk

We want to learn about you! Your hopes, your fears and your requirements. We'll work together to build a framework that fits with your company's culture and objectives. Whether it's just providing resources for you to manage from afar or leveraging our expertise, we'll customize a solution around you.

Select Your Team

Based on the framework we develop and the job criteria you provide, EMAYA will conduct an exhaustive search to present vetted candidates to you for final approval.


We'll work with you to develop a training program and define training objectives to ensure each agent is ready to contribute and your team is set up for success from Day 1.

Continuos Improvement

After we go live, we'll work together to ensure that targets are being met and our work product is inline with your objectives. Through continuous feedback loops, coaching and training, we'll develop your EMAYA team into real assets for your company.

We provide the talent to exceed your expectations!

  • Real-Time Agent Performance
  • Real-Time ACD Reporting
  • Access to Call Recordings
  • Custom Success Metrics Reporting
  • Workforce Management Reporting
  • Time Tracking and Productivity Software
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Crossbow CRM and Workforce Management license
  • Dedicated Manager
  • 24/7 IT Support
  • Redundant Internet Connections(Fiber)
  • CPU with Two 19 Inch Monitors
  • Redundant UPS Backups

We take an all hands approach to ensuring Quality and Production

  • Establish Baseline- We'll work with you to establish metrics for Quality and Production.
  • Calibrate- Interval Calibrations are a must. We'll go over the work product together to ensure it's exceeding the baseline for quality.
  • Establish New Baselines- To ensure that we are always improving after consistently exceeding our targets, we'll establish new metrics.
  • Recalibrate- Our goal is to never be satisfied with our own performance. Once we consistently outperform the established standard, we'll push the envelope to add value for our clients.
  • Training- We take an all hands approach to training to ensure continuity of service and easier scaling.
  • Quality Assurance- We have our QA agents tracking agent productivity and ensuring call quality.
  • Manager- Our managers are here to help implement your campaign, ensure quality and meet performance metrics.
  • GET MORE! Model- By taking advantage of the GET MORE! model we have the unique ability to give our agents constant feedback without having to worry about meeting production requirements. This allows us to ensure agents are properly trained and provide quick fixes and pivots when necessary.
  • 2 Years of Relevant Experience
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications
  • Multilingual with 90 percent proficiency levels in at least 2 languages
  • College Graduate

Straightforward Pricing With No Hidden Fees

Includes all Inbound, Outbound and Back Office Services

Partner Package


Per Production Hour

  • 40 Hours per Week
  • 4 hrs At No Additional Cost
  • Telecom Charges Not Included
  • Minimum Term of Service-1 Month

ALL IN Package


Per Production Hour

  • 40 Hours per Week
  • 4 hrs At No Additional Cost
  • All Basic Telecom Charges Included
  • Minimum Term of Service- 1 Month

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