Professional Support So You Can Focus on What Matters Most!


Professional Support So You Can Focus on What Matters Most!

What can our Executive Virtual Assistants do for you?

Travel Coordination

  • Find the right Flights based on your personal preferences and company policies
  • Have a detailed itinerary ready for every business or personal trip
  • Researching and booking the right restaurants for client dinners
  • Arrange car service from home to airport
  • Find the most cost effective vehicles
  • Find the best deals for hotel accommodations

Expense Management

  • Save time by having EVA's make pre-approved purchases on your behalf
  • Compile information for expense report submissions
  • Manage your mileage reimbursements
  • Receipt management
  • Manage expense reports for you and your whole team

Social Media

  • Manage everything from FB to Twitter to Linkedin posts
  • Compile reporting from analytical tools
  • Launch email campaigns and effectively track results
  • Generate reporting to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns

Delegate time wasting tasks from your work and personal life

Personal TAsks

  • Have a filter for phone calls
  • Schedule personal appointments
  • Plan events
  • Pay bills online
  • Send birthday presents and other gifts
  • Training & Responsibilities- We start by assigning an agent and a supervisor to your account. You will get a chance to speak with your agent prior to assignment to make sure it's a good fit. We then document your assistant's responsibilities and schedule training.
  • Coverage- For the purposes of providing seamless coverage and continuity of service, EMAYA will assign additional agents to your account.
  • Quality Control- Our managers and QA agents will follow up with you periodically to get feedback and make adjustments when needed.
  • 2 Years of Relevant Experience
  • Proficient in MicroSoft Office Applications
  • Multilingual with 90 percent proficiency levels in at least 2 languages
  • College Graduate

We're Flexible

Choose a plan that best fits you. All plans offer a money back guarantee.

Small Projects



10 hours per week

Part Time



24 hours per week

Full Time



44 hours per week

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