INbound Services

Build Better Customer Experience

turn your customers into Brand Advocates

With EMAYA Inbound Services, we’ll help you enhance your customer experience. Our talented and seasoned agents are trained to build upon your existing customer relationships and grow your brand the way you envision.

Technical Support

Having issues servicing tickets? With EMAYA’s GET MORE MODEL you’ll have more than enough agents to service your clients quickly and efficiently.

Customer Service

Great customer service starts with truly empathizing with your customers. At EMAYA, we train our agents to go above and beyond for each one of your clients treating each call as if they were calling themselves. 

Customer Retention

You invested a lot of time, energy and money to acquire your clients. Let EMAYA help improve your customer retention rates. We’ll help you come up with a model to reduce churn and improve your bottom line.


Cross Sell & Upsell

Looking to maximize the potential of your existing client base? We’ll help you leverage your existing client data and come up with a solution so good your clients won’t be able to refuse.

Order Taking

Having issues with placing orders accurately and efficiently? With EMAYA’s GET MORE Model you’ll have more resources to better service your clients.

Billing Inquiries

When your clients question their bills they want a quick and accurate response. Delays can cause a negative impact on your monthly cash flows. With EMAYA, we understand that time is money and we’ll handle each inquiry with the sense of urgency that it deserves.

Find the Right Resources to Optimize Your CX

Customer Service

We train our agents with one goal in mind- to have your customers talk about the wonderful service they experienced, long after each call.
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Technical Support

With EMAYA Support Services, we customize a solution specific to your company's needs to maximize first contact resolution and minimize your operational costs. Whether it is a network outage or a customer that needs a password reset, our agents treat every call and every ticket with a sense of urgency.
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Customer Retention

You've worked hard to earn your clients' trust, with EMAYA we'll create a custom solution to ensure that your churn stays low and your bottom line stays black.
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