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You are only as good as your last quarter.

With EMAYA Outbound Solutions, we’ll help you ensure that each quarterly review ends in applause. We’ll work with you to create a customized solution that will keep your top line growing while keeping your cost of sales in check. Our hand picked agents are driven and motivated to exceed your expectations and keep your funnel full of quality opportunities. 

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting & Lead Generation

While we are cultivating opportunities for your sales team, you can focus your energy on closing more deals!

Customer Retention

 Customer Retention Programs

Why wait until your clients are upset to engage them and renew their business? We’ll help you make the first move so that your clients stay your clients!

 Win-Back and Loyalty Programs

Want to reengage with customers who have lapsed or reward your current customers for their loyalty?

Cross Sell Call Center

 Cross-Selling & Up-Selling

We’ll help you create a successful strategy to increase Revenue by proactively marketing products to segments of your client base.

 Account Management

We’ll ensure that your clients have a great customer experience by providing concierge account management services. 

Outbound Sales

We have seasoned agents ready to convert your leads into Revenue!

Fill Up Your Funnel

Appointment Setting & Lead Generation

Having problems with your conversion rates? Is your Sales team spending too much time on generating their own leads and neglecting opportunities that are in the pipe? We'll help you convert more leads while ensuring that the quality of the leads translates to more deals closed.
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Customer Retention Programs

Looking to reduce churn? We'll help you with a proactive outbound retention plan that will enhance your customers' experience and collect valuable data that you can use for strategic planning. Don't wait for your customers to cancel on you! We'll help you make the first move!
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Win-Back and Loyalty Programs

We'll help you come up with a program that enhances your customers' experience and aligns with your  goals. While we are either winning back your clients or promoting your loyalty program, we'll gather and track valuable customer feedback so that you can make better strategic decisions going forward.
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