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Traditionally, companies outsourced certain functions such as technical support or sales to realize cost savings. Once a function is outsourced, a company can focus on its core business and distribute cost savings to its stakeholders. Through outsourcing, companies benefit from greater operational and production efficiencies.

That sounds pretty good, but over time, traditional call center production levels become more and more difficult to maintain. Agents go from beginner to intermediate to experts over the course of a few months or years.  These agents that have significant amounts of training and experience with a specific client´s product or service, are eventually repurposed to new groups or find new opportunities and leave the outsourcing company altogether.

In general call centers have an atrocious employee turnover rate and it is through constant loss of experienced personnel that production and quality suffer.

At EMAYA, we strive to create an environment that helps to reduce churn and improve overall performance. Through our employee programs and comfortable workplace, we strive to maintain our low employee turnover to provide consistency and stability to our clients. These are just some of the programs we offer at EMAYA:

Additionally, through our GetMore! model, we are able to provide even more flexibility to our employees, providing the right work-life balance which increases job satisfaction and ensures continuity. You’ll see the difference from day one.

Get More!

At EMAYA, we are always looking for ways to create value for our clients. Through our GET MORE! Model we are able to provide more production at less cost to our clients.

When you order a team of 10 or more agents, EMAYA will provide 20% more agents at no additional cost. That’s around 352 hours of production per month!

For example, a client with a team of twenty agents would receive two additional bench resources (704 production hours per month). these additional agents can be deployed as you see fit. Improve quality by tasking them with quality assurance, handle tasks to free up your team members, pull agents into one on one meetings without having to worry about coverage, or assign new tasks that come up so that you focus improving your core business.

With an abundance of resources and a sharp focus on quality we can ensure that not only will our services save you money but they will change your the level of service you expect form an outsourcing partner.

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